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 Risk Drivers

 Lack of quality, suitable, and appealing Startups in the market

 Lots of effort to close with a drag on negotiation time frame

 Inadequate and proportional contribution effort from founders

 Lack of initial fulltime support for the daily operation

 Challenge of opportunity to appeal for qualified serious investors from ME

 Legal challenges, especially for soft services of case-3 opportunities

 Initial imbalanced and drainage of limited Cashflow

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Success Drivers

Identifying attractive and convincing opportunity for investors

Offering integrated services to cover investors needs and wants

Coordinated effort from founders to provide all needed supports

Reach out to motivated and far-reaching associates with strong network in ME

Provide a high-valued custom package of services to our investors

Identify low hanging fruits (deals) to be able to close faster for cashflow

Build up a trust relationship with founders to deliver high-valued deals