Corporate Expansion & Representation CER

Our CER services are available for entities interested in market expansion into the Nordic region. We develop opportunities for these entities to expand market presence and grow with potential investors/partners who are interested in these opportunities.

Seasoned executives and entrepreneurs have always searched for efficient and profitable ways to increase revenues and gain new market shares. The typical strategic growth options are organic, inorganic, or by external means.

Examples of organic growth are hiring additional salespeople, developing new products, and expanding geographically. The best example of inorganic growth is an acquisition of another firm, something that is often done to gain access to a new product line, customer segment, or geography. Finally, external revenue growth opportunities include franchising, licensing, joint ventures, strategic alliances, and the appointment of overseas distributors, which are available to growing companies as an alternative to mergers and acquisitions as a growth engine. Maxloyal can add value to support your plans, whether as an expanding business or as an investor who is looking for high-value opportunity.

Our CER value proposition is based on three key areas:

Expansion Development Plan

At this stage we explore the strategy for expansion. Usually the options are limited to corporate expansion, agent representation, contracting with area master developer/agent or franchise/JV combination. Whatever the choice, we need to identify the business partner and engage them with a detailed business plan, legal documents and business agreements.This phase is guided by the Plan and the OM of the client to start the process of market development for the expansion, which involves:

Identifying potential partners

This is s critical phase in the success of the expansion. The potential partner must offer the expected value per details of the EDP. Some expansion plans require seed or investment equity, this can be achieve by either an investment fund from the expansion partner, or a passive partner/loan. Maxloyal shall provide consulting and support to facilitate this process.Maxloyal takes each project one at a time to identify potential partner(s) or investor(s) and follow these steps: