About Us

Maxloyal AB offers a range of professional services that include investment opportunities, and IT consulting. We also help companies expanding their business operations and market presence into Swedish and Nordic markets.

We serve the expansion side; companies who plan a spinoff or venture with partners into new market opportunities. Moreover, we work with potential investors to identify best investment options and engage them to identify good investment options.

We are targeting more technology-based ventures, private growth companies, with innovative market-approach

Our Services

Maxloyal AB pays attention to details, our focus is on value creation and value delivery. We only engage when we believe that value is highly visible and we can assure you of great value/risk ratios. We have many years of experience in small business and IT solutions.

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What We Do

Corporate Expansion & Representation CER

Maxloyal AB offers CER services to small business entities who are interested in expanding their business into the Nordic region. We offer a turnkey solution for this process that span from initial assessment for the opportunity, to identifying investors or partners, to the legal, operation, financial, and logistic issues related to expansion process.

Entrepreneurs Investment EI

Maxloyal AB initially offers its EI services to investors who are interested in an establish small business to either invest or partner with in the Nordic market. We also look at the end-to-end service that may be needed by our investor clients, from initial assessment, to legal, financial, and logistics that are involved in any investment venture.
Moreover, for investors who are interested in residing in the Nordic countries, we can help with residency, or visa requirement through our legal partners.

IT Professional Consulting

We provide IT professional services such as business transformation & alignment, and IT business solutions, in the area of data privacy, information security, and business continuity. We are prepared to collaborate with partners and also to propose solutions and service as needed for most industry sectors.