We may understand why foreign companies may want to have presence in the Swedish market. A number of foreign companies entering the Swedish market, specially in the last two years. The interest towards Swedish market comes from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, Norway, also Ukraine and Russia.

Some of the reasons why companies have chosen Sweden as their new destination have to do with the world-class infrastructure, highly-skilled workforce, low level of corruption, little bureaucracy and a friendly business culture.

investing and living in Sweden could be a very rewarding decision

Swedish business climate is very favorable for foreign direct investments. That is why it does not come as a surprise that it is a country of innovation. Companies such as Ericsson, Volvo, Astra Zeneca and Sandvik have emerged from Sweden. Spotify, Klarna and iZettle are businesses that were built on innovations.

However, what about entrepreneurs and small investors who may be looking for stable strong market with solid social support system, that offers lots of retirement benefits and provide open and free access to to the European Union and Nordic markets of 28 countries and more than 500 M consumers.

After all quality of life for you and your family should be a priority over anything else. I strongly believe that thinking of Sweden as your next home for investment, expansion or simply relocating should be considered seriously for the following reasons:

1-    Sweden has a long tradition as a stable, well-managed, and prosperous country

2-    Social support system ensures good care for all and improve family quality of life

3-    Access to growing market in Sweden and 28 EU countries without borders

4-    Ability to invest and move to Sweden within months with well-planned process

5-    Great world-class support system for children and elderly people

6-    Dynamic and competitive technology hub with great innovation track record

7-    Great regards to the rule of law and human rights that treats all on equal basis

I hope this short brief would make you consider Sweden if you have plans to move on to a new life, but you want to be sure that is a well calculated move.


Dr. Sam Jobara